Six college seniors set out for a trip of a lifetime that mirrors that of a classic 1960's American roadtrip.  

Two weeks before Spring Break none of us knew what we were going to do but we knew we wanted to do something epic. The first plan that we came up with was taking Curt's 2006 Ford Truck to Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas. At this time Curt's old 1966 truck wasn't working and neither was Jon Jon's 1966 Beetle. Curt and Jon Jon couldn't have dreamed of anything better than to take these family passed down- old vehicles on a long roadtrip. They worked hard at fixing them up and finally got them working and felt like they could make the trip with the vehicles. The new plan with the old truck and Beetle was to go as far into Texas we could and camp along the way. Taking a 1966 VW Beetle and a 1996 Ford F100 we set off into Texas. 


6 college seniors. 5 from Ouachita Baptist University and 1 from UALR. 2 are distant cousins. 5 Beta pledge brothers. 2  best friends since elementary school. 1 married. 2 engaged. All friends. 


Everywhere we went I brought my camera. I was able to capture most of what we did and what we saw.  

H I G H L I G H T   V I D E O
T H E   G A N G